Business Improvement Techniques - Levels 2 and 3

Build a leaner, more efficient workplace. Our NVQ Diploma in Business Improvement Techniques is fully accredited by EMTA Awards Ltd (EAL). We train your workforce to recogise quality & process improvements in their own role - all to reduce costs + maximise profits.

It's hands-on, practical training - timed conveniently around shift patterns to suit you - that leads to long-term, sustainable improvements. 

You get measurable, tangible results:

  • Reduced error rates;
  • Improved work flow;
  • Reduced wastage;
  • Improved AND increased overall outputs;
  • Reduced costs & variation;
  • And ultimately more on your bottom line.

It's ideal for anyone working in a semi-skilled role & apprentices, helping to increase staff motivation & retention rates. 

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