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26/09/2014 More Training Fundraising

The More Training team recently climbed the three peaks of the Brecon Beacons for The Alzheimer Society and Cancer Research UK. The event was a great success and we raised a total of £672.93p Thank you to everyone who supported us. We can’t wait for the next event!  read more

01/09/2014 More Training's Hot Topic - September 2014 - Seasonal Affective Disorder

We will start to experience shortened daylight hours and a lack of sunlight in September. After the summer holidays some of us may start to have low spirits or the “winter blues” during the winter months.    Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD is a depressive illness caused by shortened daylight hours and lack of sunlight.  read more

01/08/2014 More Training's Hot Topic - August 2014 - Work Related Illness

There are hundreds of thousands of accidents in the workplace every year. In Britain alone, it has been estimated that 2.3 million people suffer from work-related ill health.  Official figures from the Health and Safety Executive show that in 2012/13 there were: 148 fatal injuries, 21,000 major injuries reported by employers, 80,000 injuries to workers reported by employers, 175,000 self-reported injuries leading to over-7-day absence, 231,000 self-reported injuries leading to over-3-days absence and 646,000 self-reported injuries at more

01/07/2014 More Training's Hot Topic - July 2014 - Disappearing Countries

The Ice Age.  The Industrial Revolution.  Global Warming.  The Tsunami of 2004.  Hurricane Katrina of 2005. Melting Glaciers. Disappearing Countries. This is the magic act that we have struggled to understand for three centuries. These conditions are by fault of both nature and us. Since the Industrial Revolution, we’ve been emitting large deposits of carbon dioxide into the Earth’s atmosphere, drastically heating the earth’s core, and thus creating situations we haven’t had to face since the onset of the Ice Age.  On the brink of a major climate shift, nations are searching for practical solutions. read more

02/06/2014 More Training's Hot Topic - June 2014 - Keep Fit

With technological advancement and economic restructuring, our life has become more and more comfortable.  However, we have become less and less active in our everyday life.  This comfortable but sedentary lifestyle has made us pay a high price in health.  As the number of office workers grows, health problems such as obesity, type II diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis have raised more and more concerns.  According to the findings of the “Physical Fitness Test for the Community” there are correlations between the physical fitness and the physical activity level and lifestyle of individuals.  So, we should build exercise into our daily life in order to develop an active and healthy lifestyle. If you are an office worker, why not try to do some simple exercises in the workplace to keep your mind and body fit!          read more

01/05/2014 More Training's Hot Topic - May 2014 - Lone Working

Lone Working   What is Lone Working? Lone working is the term used to describe an employee who will perform all or part of their role in isolation from other colleagues. This could involve an employee working off site or in a separate part of the premises, out of another colleague’s ear- shot or vision.  The health and safety executive’s definition of a lone worker is someone who “works by themselves without close or direct supervision”.   The term ‘lone worker’ is not limited to someone that works all the time by themselves. Even if someone works in a busy office or factory, they can become a lone worker when travelling for work purposes, working late or working from home. Most jobs will require lone working to a certain degree and employers have a duty to ensure that safe working practices are in more

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