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01/01/2014 More Training's Hot Topic - January 2014 - Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating  If you are feeling overwhelmed with nutritional claims and ‘advice’ from literally every angle then start with the eatwell plate. What is the eatwell plate? The ‘eatwell plate’ is a visual representation of the different food groups we need to ensure we get a wide range of nutrients and therefore remain healthy. The eatwell plate highlights the different types of food we should eat to have a well-balanced and healthy more

02/12/2013 More Training's Hot Topic - December 2013 - Carbon Footprint

So what is a Carbon Footprint? Your carbon footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions that you produce in your day-to-day life. It’s a single figure that gives you a quick idea of your impact on the environment. In the UK, the biggest contribution to our carbon footprint is from burning fossil fuels to meet our home energy and travel needs. Almost all fuels are carbon based, including; petrol and diesel in our cars, gas, oil and coal in our homes and power stations and jet fuel in aeroplanes. How we work, play, eat and shop all have direct and indirect impacts on our carbon footprint more

04/11/2013 More Training's Hot Topic - November 2013 - Healthy Lifestyle

Five tips for a Healthy Lifestyle Sometimes it can feel as though eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise is impossible. But learning to live a healthier lifestyle is easy when you change one small thing at a more

25/10/2013 More Training achieves Matrix Standard

We at More Training are delighted to have successfully gained accreditation to the matrix Standard on our first attempt following an assessment with emqc this more

24/10/2013 More Training's Hot Topic - October 2013 - Identity and Culture - What is Mental Health?

What is Mental Health? Mental health refers to our cognitive, and/or emotional wellbeing – it is all about how we think, feel and behave. Approximately25% of people in the UK have a mental health problem during their lives. Your mental health can affect your daily life, relationships and even your physical health. Mental health also includes a person’s ability to enjoy life – to attain a balance between life activities and efforts to achieve psychological resilience. more

13/05/2013 CIEH Environmental Management Certificate replaced

The CIEH Environmental Management Certificate has been replaced by the new CIEH Level 3 Award in Environmental Management. The good news is that we at More Training are already up and running with the replacement qualification.  read more

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