At More Training, we work with you to develop practical training programmes that support your business objectives and improve performance. 

- As an employer, it helps drive you towards your organisational objectives. You benefit from the experience and advice of highly experienced, hands-on training advisors who really understand your industry & tailor your training to your needs. 

- For your workforce, it's an opportunity for personal development - and to achieve their own goals. Their skills are improved & their career prospects enhanced by gaining a nationally-recognised qualification - boosting employee motivation & reducing your labour turnover. 

- It's real, practical training - not theory. We match the right people in your team to the right qualification & get to know every single learner we work with. They have to be committed - and we empower them to continue recognising process & quality improvements in their own role, long after the training has finished.

We're registered with EMTA Awards Limited (EAL) & City and Guilds to deliver training focused on business improvement & resulting in nationally-recognised qualifications.

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How do apprenticeships with More Training work?

At More Training, we provide apprenticeships in both England & Wales - and there are some variations with how these are funded & delivered. 

This is where our Training & Funding experts come in! As a client, we support you & your learners to ensure their growth, development & progression along their chosen career path via an apprenticeship.

All qualifications that your learners achieve are nationally-recognised via Awarding Bodies including The Institute of Leadership & Management, City & Guilds & EMTA Awards Ltd (EAL). 

The training is all delivered on your premises - the learner's place of work - within work hours. Evidence towards the qualification can be gathered by many means, including:

  • Observations;
  • Training Workshops;
  • Portfolios;
  • Controlled Tasks;
  • Professional Discussions;
  • and Witness Testimonies.

Our assessors & tutors are highly-experienced & fully qualified to support each of your learners, to demonstrate understanding, knowledge & growth. This all has a hugely positive impact on their effectiveness within their work and, where possible, provides them with a route for career progression. 

Every learner gets a structured monthly meeting with their assessor or trainer; 1:1 support for their key skills (if required!) and you'll get regular updates on learner's progress. 

There are 3 main elements to the Apprenticeship Framework: 

1. The Technical Certificate

This ensures every learner understands their role & responsibilities within your organisation. It demonstrates that they have both the competency & knowledge to perform their role effectively, and that they can meet the requirements for their specific qualification.

The Technical Certificate element can be delivered individually for qualifications like Management Development; or in workshops to groups of staff such as in Business Improvement Techniques qualifications. 

2. NVQ

The NVQ element confirms the competency & skills gained from training, through a portfolio of evidence.

Our assessors will spend time with each learner at least monthly, to individually mentor them through the qualification, create an action plan for their next scheduled meeting, and ensure they're evidencing their understanding and professional competency. 

The focus here is on support your learners & channelling their growth and development, to ensure they achieve thier qualification successfully!

3. Key Skills

Key Skills are designed to support learners with the crucial skills they need to progress with their qualification & succeed in learning, employment and life. 

If your business is in Wales, this element is called Essential Skills. It includes Communication and Application of Number, and for certain qualifications also Digital Literacy. These are all covered in 1:1 sessions and group workshops.

Or if your company is In England, this element is called Functional Skills. It includes Maths & English, and also ICT for some qualifications & levels. Again, these are all covered in 1:1 sessions and group workshops.

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