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Business Administration

Why work with More Training?

  • We are a market leader in the field of employee development and have delivered our bespoke training for almost 20 years to a growing number of major employers.

  • Our success is built on delivering proven results for employers to support their business needs

  • Our Trainer Assessors have relevant industry experience, so we know the pressures and opportunities that face businesses.

Whats involved?

What to expect

These qualifications in Business Administration are for people who want to work in administrative support roles in public or private sector organisations, or people who want to improve their administrative and supervisory skills. 

Business and Administration includes all aspects of general administration involved in running a business such as controlling documentation, servicing meetings and dealing with customers and may include:

  • Producing documents

  • Using a variety of software packages

  • Co-ordinating events and meetings

  • Updating information and managing projects

Employer benefits

  • A more efficient and effective communication with clients and stakeholders

  • Improved productivity and performance

  • Assisting with employee retention, teamwork and motivation

  • Helping your workforce feel valued

  • Showing customers, you invest in quality improvement

Employee benefits

  • Acquiring new knowledge and skills

  • Recognition through nationally recognised qualifications

  • A career development opportunity

  • Improved morale and better job satisfaction

Qualification overviews

​The Level 2 will help you gain practical know-how in providing routine and more complex administrative support. 

At Level 3 you can build on your achievements to gain greater technical and managerial skills, as well as supervising others and contributing to the wider strategy of your organisation or department.

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