Sustainable Waste Resource

Why work with More Training?

  • We are a market leader in the field of employee development and have delivered Sustainable Resource Management to a growing number of major employers.

  • Our success is built on delivering proven results for employers ensuring compliance with nationally recognised standards

  • Our Trainer Assessors have relevant industry experience. Through  workplace training, they teach the techniques which enable employees to identify and make business improvements.

Whats involved?

Due to Government initiatives reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. New technologies and new processes are being developed. This requires current employees to be re-trained. It also aims to attract new staff.

Who are they for?

Typically, a Waste Resource Operative will be responsible for handling and checking incoming

wastes, identifying non-conforming wastes, sorting wastes into different waste types and preparing

wastes and recyclables for processing. The role will also include the manual and mechanical

collection and handling of waste and recyclables, and can include liaison with the public, waste

producers, carriers and other stakeholders.


The Waste Resource Operative needs to have an understanding of the principles of waste and

recycling. This will include identifying waste and recyclables, sorting and segregation, treatment

options, duty of care and health, safety, quality and environmental issues.

Employer benefits

  • Improved productivity and performance

  • Assurance of environmental and legislative working practices

  • Assisting with employee retention, teamwork and motivation

  • Helping your workforce feel valued

  • Showing customers, you invest in quality improvement

Employee benefits

  • Acquiring new knowledge and skills

  • Recognition through nationally recognised qualifications

  • A career development opportunity

  • Improved morale and better job satisfaction

Qualification overview

​This is ideal if you are working in and have responsibilities for the collection, transport, processing, disposal and recycling of waste and recyclables.

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