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Lean Management - Operations and Quality Improvement

Why work with More Training?

  • We are a market leader in the field of employee development and have delivered our bespoke Lean Management training for almost 20 years to a growing number of major employers.

  • Our success is built on delivering proven results for employers including increases in productivity and cost savings.

  • Our Trainer Assessors have relevant industry experience. Through a balance of classroom and workplace training they teach the techniques which enable employees to identify and make business improvements.

What is Lean Management?

  • EAL’s Lean Management Operations and Quality Improvement qualification complements job-specific vocational qualifications in many work environments, promoting lean skills and effective teamwork across all levels and types of organisations.

  • Derived from the successful approaches of leading manufacturers including Toyota, Nissan and Honda, tools such as 5S/5C, Six Sigma and value stream mapping can bring about cost savings and quality improvements in any process-orientated work environment.

  • Businesses of all sizes can use the principles of lean enterprise to help eliminate waste, reduce costs and boost productivity. The benefits of achieving process and quality improvements in the workplace are open to private and public companies across all sectors, including areas such as commerce and healthcare alongside traditional industry employers

What to expect

  • An integrated delivery for groups with level 3 learners, to maximise future opportunities for continuos improvements long after we have gone

  • We provide a blended approach of workshops and facilitated analysis

  • Working on live projects in their areas of work.

  • All sessions can be timed conveniently around changing shift patterns

  • During their training employees work towards National Vocational Qualifications at Level 3.

  • We include individual assessment and development of Maths, English and Digital Literacy skills where required.

Employer benefits

  • A skilled and able team in place to support your continuous improvements

  • A leaner, more efficient workplace where costs, variation and waste are reduced

  • Improved productivity and performance

  • Assisting with employee retention, teamwork and motivation

  • Helping your workforce feel valued

  • Showing customers, you invest in quality improvement#

  • Improved Health & Safety Standards

Employee benefits

  • Acquiring new knowledge and skills

  • Recognition through nationally recognised qualifications

  • A career development opportunity

  • Improved morale and better job satisfaction

Qualification overviews

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