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Congratulations to our Winner!

We recently ran a Welsh Quiz for all our learners we are supporting. We were thrilled that from all the winning entries, the name drawn out of the hat was Rasa Vasiliauskaite.

Lady standing in photo holding her voucher
Rasa receiving voucher for winning the Welsh Quiz

Rasa works at NAF in Monmouth and is completing an Apprenticeship in Business Improvement Techniques with us. She is really committed and is doing very well. She has recently completed her Application of Number and is very much enjoying working with our Essential Skills tutor Julie on her Communication element. She said that she is so grateful for the help and support that Julie is providing for her. She sees it as a way to improve her English and feels that it will really help to change her life and her future.

When we presented Rasa with her £25 gift voucher for winning the Welsh Quiz, she said “It is amazing, I cannot believe that I have won!”

We just hope that she will spoil herself a little with the voucher and buy something that she will really enjoy.

Well done Rasa and we look forward in continuing to support and work with her and NAF.

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