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Learner of the Month - Angela John, December 2018

“Angela has an extremely positive attitude towards learning, even if it means having to spend some of her own time on tasks. It was important to Angela to continue to improve her knowledge and skills”                       – Trish Jones, Learning Consultant.

When asked about her experiences with the training we provided, Angela said - “When I started the qualification, I was hoping it would help with my confidence as I had been promoted to supervisor, a role I had never done before. My confidence has definitely improved, along with my experience and knowledge of doing things differently in my role. I really enjoyed the learning aspects of the training. The use of computers was something I had never done before which was most challenging, but I feel much more confident using IT now and have also been able to refresh my knowledge of Maths”
“I am now looking to enrol on a college course in the new year and I’m exploring my options for courses that interest me”
When asked about the support that More Training had provided - “The tutors were brilliant, kind and understanding and didn’t judge, but supported me throughout”
Angela went on to say, “I have to thank Linear too for being given the time and support to complete the qualification and for seeing something in me, that has helped me become a supervisor”.

Andrew Harrison, (pictured second from right) the General Manager at Linear, when asked about any visible improvements during and following the training stated – “Yes, I have seen improved productivity, improved peer to peer communications and how the supervisors handle their teams.”

When asked what went well, Andrew said “Looking in from the outside, the timing of the delivery was essential to support the learners, whilst minimising the impact on our production. The tutors support and delivery with this was exceptional.”

Picture of Trish presenting Angela with her certificate and voucher with her colleagues at Linear Plastics

“More Training are our training partner of choice and we are keen to continue to work with them in the New Year where we will be looking for their support with the development of our management teams. We have worked with More Training over the years and they have provided us with a training delivery, that is of the highest quality, via very supportive, knowledgeable and genuinely friendly staff”   – Andrew Harrison, General Manager..

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