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Presentation of Framework Certificates for Business Improvement Techniques

#MoreTraining and #Linear Plastics staff

In recognition of all the hard work from the staff at Linear Plastics, More Training celebrated the successful completion of their Apprenticeship Frameworks, with a presentation and buffet lunch!!!

The Business Improvement Techniques qualification involves analysis of what they do, measuring how effective it is, putting new processes in place and measuring the improvements this has made. These are skills and tools that don’t end with the presentation of a certificate, they can be used throughout each of their careers to ensure that there are ongoing benefits to them and the organisation.

Assessor Bernie Morgan presenting certificates to Richard Evans

In addition to this, they completed all their Essential Skills including Communication, Application of Number and Digital Literacy, as well as the Technical Certificate and NVQ Diploma in Business Improvement Techniques.

These qualifications required commitment, endeavour and motivation from each of the staff to successfully achieve.

Linear Plastics are committed to supporting the staff to become the best that they can possibly be. They are fully aware that the people are the very heart of the success of the business.

We at More Training are thrilled to be considered Linear Plastics provider of choice, we have and will continue to, support them with their future development needs.

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